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Smart Home requires smart technologies

Gone are the days when smart homes were considered to be part of a luxuriant lifestyle. Presently, owning a smart home is more of a necessity. It not only ensures better home security but also offers a number of other facilities that help you manage your daily household chores.

Why Do You Need A Smart Home?

Turning your regular home into a smart home gives you a lot more than your expectations. It has the potential to make your home more secure, energy efficient, and even more entertaining. Here, we share some of the basic and essential reasons why you should turn your home into a smart home.

  • Security: Homes without security systems remain on high risks of terrorism and other crimes. Smart home security systems provide peace of mind to the homeowners by allowing them to monitor their homes remotely. You can keep an eye on who arrives and leaves your home.
  • Life-saving home alarms: Incidents like fire and theft can annihilate your home or undermine the lives of friends and family. Smart home devices can make you aware of such events through real-time notifications and alarms.
  • Comfort: Smart homes make your life comfortable and easy. With smart devices, you can perform all household operations through mobile applications.
  • Customisation: With smart home systems, you can customise each and every electronic item as per your will. Furthermore, you can also set timings for various choices to be implemented.

How to Protect Your Smart Home?

While smart homes offer a great deal of convenience for the users, at the same time, they demand vigilant security measures to prevent snoopers and hackers from intruding into your privacy. Perhaps as the first line of defense, you can use a VPN to protect your entire home network. You can find a reputable brand by going through a dedicated VPN service review guiding about the features and other specifications of the tool.

Nevertheless, for ensuring exceptional security with the convenience of smart homes, you can set up a specialized smart home security system.

Smart Home Security Systems:

These are highly customizable and professional installation setups empowering you to control the entire home network. These systems come with smartphone apps through which you can remotely manage and monitor your home’s lights, door locks, lawn mowers, thermostats, vacuums, and even pet feeders.

You can choose your home security system depending on your needs and budget. You can either go for a manual control system, or you can subscribe to a paid surveillance tool for continuous monitoring by professionals.

Streamlined Security and Home Automation: 

There are many home automation gadgets that you can incorporate and work with your home security systems. These include smart locks, smart cameras, smart doorbells, smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart smoke alarms. You can manage all these systems right through your smartphone which will serve as a command center. The system will generate push notifications to inform you about alarm triggers, let you monitor through live and recorded videos, modify thermostat settings, mute alarms, lock/unlock doors. Some expensive systems also come with a wall-mounted panel that serves as a communication hub.

DIY Home Security Systems:

You can order everything online with DIY(Do-it-yourself) systems. For these systems, the makers ship the equipment along with step-by-step installation instructions. These systems can be monitored by yourself using a mobile app. Although many DIY companies also offer flexible, no-contract professional monitoring plans as well.

Professional Home Security Systems:

These high-end security systems require professional expertise for installation. That is why they come as a costlier alternative to DIY systems. But they offer 24/7 professional surveillance. However, you may have to collaborate with them with a multi-year contract that will cost you a hefty termination fee upon sudden ending.

They generally use touch-screen hubs that contain Zigbee, Wi-Fi, RF, and Z-Wave radios. Most of the advanced professional systems are compatible with smart home assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and sometimes, Apple Siri as well. You can use a Google Home Speaker or Amazon Echo to give commands to the home system.

Tips for Creating a Streamlined Smart Home

To end up with a smart home that works effectively, it is important to shop smart. To begin your smart home journey smartly, here are the top tips you should follow.

  • Research: Check out each service provider’s history, customer service, certifications and anything else that applies to your home’s security. Read reviews and talk with a team member to feel confident in your choice.
  • Evaluate your home:  Think about your home’s security requirements. You will want to consider wireless installation, medical response, and a lot more. Choose the plan that satisfies your requirements.
  • Budget: Decide how much you can pay for a monitored home security system. Don’t forget to count additional expenses such as installation, equipment, and the monthly monitoring package.
  • Cost Savings:  Inquire your homeowner’s insurance company about available discounts or waived fee that you get for a professionally monitored home.