Digital Competency and Work-integrated Learning


Digital competence is a concept that has been increasingly in focus during the last decade or so. It is argued that our society is becoming more and more digitalised in the sense that a growing number of tasks are - partly or fully - shifting from an analogue format to a digital one. This transformation of society requires us to develop a new set of competencies to cope with our daily lives, and these skills, although not necessarily explicitly identified, are typically referred to as ‘digital competencies'.

Much work in this area have focused on pupils' and students' learning and what digital competences (in this context often referred to as ‘digital literacy' (which is approx. 10 times as common)) today's youngsters need to acquire. However, the process of digitalisation is not limited to school settings or young people but permeates all levels of society and all ages, and digital competence is thus something that should concern us all.

In this workshop we focus particularly on Digital Competence and Work-Integrated Learning. Work-integrated learning approaches propose that learning occurs preliminary within the work situation and that this learning should intertwine with work practice - formally, informally or both. From here we understand learning as different forms of how people become competent, i.e., acquire the ability to act in relevant ways in relation to a particular work practice.

During the ECIS conference in Istanbul this year, there was a workshop where this topic was discussed (where papers were submitted on beforehand) but this IRIS / SCIS workshop will go deeper into the topic as well as discussing how to proceed with this interest: should we host another workshop and if so, where? Should it include full papers and be a track or in workshop form?

This workshop does not require you to write anything beforehand, the papers from Istanbul will be shortly presented, as well as the reactions and reflections from that workshop. Hence, it only requires a curiosity for the topic as well as you showing up for a lively discussion about a topic that some of us find very interesting, hopefully it will be exciting for you as well.

Warmly welcome,

The workshop organizers.